Another random act of beauty

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Dutch Iris (Iris hollandica)
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Dutch Iris (Iris hollandica)
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Dutch Iris (Iris hollandica)
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Dutch Iris (Iris hollandica) with ladybug

This patch of garden iris along the north side perimeter path certainly isn’t a wildflower.  Nor is it likely that a bird carried the bulb from some mainland garden across the water and dropped it on the park peninsula.  This is a random act of kindness, a senseless act of beauty by some forgotten human.  Thank you, forgotten human.  Although this kind of iris is not exactly native to the habitat, it’s a welcome relief from the aggressive  weeds that dominate much of the territory here.  Maybe another kind human will quietly introduce some of the Douglas Iris that grow wild in many parts of the Point Reyes peninsula, in climate that seems similar to what we have in Cesar Chavez Park.

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