Anna’s Persists

Anna’s Hummingbird (Calypte anna)

An Anna’s hummingbird — surely the same one — perched habitually on top of a tall bush up on the western ridge, in the Charli Danielsen forest grove. I saw it often, took its picture several times and published it once. Then a Parks forestry crew cut down the bush, and several others around it, and stacked the limbs up in a big pile. Like this:

I thought I’d seen the last of this Anna’s, but I was wrong. There it was, perched on top of the pile of dead limbs. Did the bird have its nest in this bush? It is that time of year, and Anna’s do nest in Berkeley.

I couldn’t help wondering why removal of these tall bushes was such a priority at this time. I wondered also at the manner in which it was done. Some of the limbs were cut with a saw, leaving clean stumps. Quite a few others were broken off, leaving long gashes and tongues. It almost looked like the job was done in anger at the trees.

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