An iPhone Album, Plus

Park visitor Allison Tom took these images of the Second Owl –the one in the central circle of the Burrowing Owl Sanctuary — using her iPhone and a set of binoculars. Allison is a Bay Area native, outdoor adventure enthusiast appreciating all things in nature who loves capturing photos to share with others.

Shooting with a cell phone through binoculars takes practice and a steady hand. But as Allison’s album shows, you can get sweet and memorable images. I particularly responded to the one of the Ground Squirrel standing tall next to the owl that’s halfway in the burrow. They kind of look like family,

Plus: An Owl in the Wider Bay Area

Photographer Anna Klafter, whose Chavez Park Burrowing Owl photos appeared here on January 11, found and photographed what she describes as a very small Burrowing Owl at a location in the northern Bay Area:

Burrowing Owl (Athene cunicularia) in Greater Bay Area. Photo Anna Klafter.

Because the owl has the benefit of no protection — no fences, nothing — the location cannot be disclosed. Congratulations to Anna for spotting this bird, surely not easy, and thanks for sharing.

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