Amazing Solstice

The anticipated double happiness solstice almost didn’t come off. Morning rain and heavy overcast until midafternoon seemed to doom the chances of witnessing the extremely rare conjunction of sunset and moonrise within minutes of each other and at the solstice instant. But as if a transcendental stagemaster wanted to treat Bay Area skylovers to a special feast for the eyeballs and for the sense of wonder, the curtains parted just in time for one of the most dramatic sunsets in recent memory, at opposite ends of the horizon from a rising full moon. The video above pans from the sun to the moon in 23 seconds, and gives just a hint of the spectacular scene.

Sadly, due to the last-minute illness of master of ceremonies Alan Gould, the celebration scheduled for the Cesar Chavez Solar Calendar had to be cancelled, with the result that few observers took in this rare spectacle at the park. Here, by way of consolation, are a few still images.

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