ACS (Almost) Collars Another

Berkeley’s Animal Control Services Officer Daniela Wong collared at least one dog owner this morning and warned her that she was looking at a $250 “loose dog” ticket if her dog was off leash unlawfully. It is unlawful to run a dog off leash anywhere in the park except in the 17-acre dog park a/k/a “Off-Leash Area.” In this case, according to the owner, the boundary signage was missing or confusing and the officer let her off with a warning.

Officer Wong explains Berkeley dog law to dog owner.
Animal Control Services Officer Wong moves in for the collar

As any park visitor can testify, there’s no shortage of other dog owners who are candidates for $250 loose dog tickets. See the Off-Leash Video. At their option, ACS officers have the legal authority also to impound the dog. Interference with ACS officers in the performance of their duties gets you a jail term. The officers are hampered in their job by the poor condition of the boundary signage, a problem that I’ve documented here both as regards the dog park and as regards the Nature Preserve north of the dog park.

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  • That was me and I did NOT get a ticket. I was within the red signs marking exiting Off Leash. Officer Wong failed to point out the new boundaries and could not give me a ticket. She did mention I did need to have my dog license on my dog’s collar but just a warning. I think she is mistaken about the boundary or the park does not have new signs. Either way she admitted it was confusing

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  • I may be wrong but I think Animal Control has not been very proactive in the past, quite possibly because of staffing etc., but I’m very grateful they seem to be on the scene more often, and that is a good thing! Bad dog owners give good dog owners a bad name!!!

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