A Two-Owl Christmas

The two Burrowing Owls that have taken up residence, at least for the short term, were both present and visible on Christmas Day. One owl remained tucked away on the east side rip-rap, not visible from the paved walkway. It was first seen there on December 6, and has been photographed in that same position almost every day since then. See “Rock Owl Persists.”

The second owl is probably more recent, although it’s hard for a human to tell one Burrowing Owl from another. In any case, this owl is more visible. It’s been showing itself on rocks at the water’s edge between fennel stalks on the north side of the park. It brought joy to small crowds of park visitors on December 23, and it displayed itself again in the afternoon of Christmas Day. People from kids to seniors peeked at the image on the camera screen and then found the actual bird visible with the naked eye.

People said things like “This made my day!” — “I’ve never seen one before!” — “They haven’t been here for a long time!” — “Used to see them all the time” — “So glad they’re back” — “It’s wonderful!” — “How cute!” And people had questions: Is it a baby? Is there a couple, are they nesting? Is it hunting right now? Is it usual to see one in the day time? Where is it from?

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