A Sunrise to Rival Sunsets (4/5/15)

Sunrise by Walter Karmazyn 5/4/15

Park photographer Walter Karmazyn, featured here earlier for his great Barn Owl photo, is also the author of this dramatic and very unusual sunrise photo.  The sun rises, of course, over the East Bay hills, and most mornings that’s a bread-and-butter affair: the sun wasn’t there, the sun rises, the sun is there, OK.  But Walter happened to be there early at 7:00 a.m. on April 5, 2015 — early bird gets the worm — and landed this spectacular image.  The tide is so low that you can see the remains of the sunken wreck in the North Basin in the left foreground.  The cloud/fog cover hangs tight over the hills, but not so tight that it chokes off the rising rays as on most cloudy mornings.  As a photo taker who’s been in the park at that hour more than once, I can testify that these are exceptional conditions, and Walter deserves kudos for capturing this moment, not likely not to be seen again for many moons.  

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