A Respite from Craziness

Dear Sophie Hahn,

Good afternoon, thank you for your stand on Berkeley police and explaining what the real needs are for Berkeley. I don’t know if you are aware of the plans for virtually destroying Cesar Chavez Park; Marty Nicolaus has been sending out letters and maps of the proposed new park and it is horrendous.  I walk at the park at least once a week, with friends and cringe when I see the proposed modernization,i.e. destruction of this jewel on the bay.  Last week there was a large crew of city workers talking down perfectly healthy trees and branches along the road that leads to the bay.Please DO NOT LET THIS HAPPEN.  I usually join your zoom presentations and I like your information and respect for this city.  Please, pay attention to what “they” are trying to do to our wonderful park, a respite from the craziness of the busy town.
Most sincerely,
Sylvie Woog

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One thought on “A Respite from Craziness

  • I got a kick out of her typo “talking down the trees”.
    Hadn’t seen the slaying of trees, but that is usually not a good idea.
    I love the park as is too!

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