A Real Rainbow

When I started my walk in the park, it was overcast but dry.  Only five minutes in, raindrops hit tentatively, and then with conviction.  With my little umbrella I protected my head and the camera.  I did wonder whether a lightning bolt would put an end to me, or whether I would get totally drenched, but kept walking, and as I turned the corner westward on the north side, the intensity let up, and in another couple of minutes the sun poked a hole in the sky, and lo!  this rainbow appeared.  As it should have. Unlike the foggy rainbow a few days ago, this one stood out and declared itself.  I particularly liked the way that the left side bottomed in the water, so if you believe in the pot of gold thing you’d want to put on your diving gear.  I had the park practically to myself, and I suspect mine were the only photos of this particular rainbow.  Minutes after its appearance, it faded away.

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