A Raptor Gallery by John Davis

John Davis walks the park with a lens as long as his arm. He also has an exceptional set of eyes, and the hand-eye coordination to put all that together. I am grateful that he has shared with me six of his most recent images from Cesar Chavez Park. Three show a Cooper’s Hawk that flew on the south side of the park, trying to score one of the nimble American Coots, with no luck. A fourth image is of the lovely Burrowing Owl on the north side, caught in a moment early in the morning when it was ruffling its feathers. A fifth shot captures the male Northern Harrier that has been patrolling the skies at low altitude on the north side of the park, and sending the Burrowing Owls dashing for cover. The last and in my opinion most spectacular image is of an Osprey. John saw it dive into the North Basin, snatch up a smelt or herring, and fly off, pursued by an American Crow that was looking to steal a meal. However, the Osprey’s talons had a tight grip, and its wings easily outpowered the Crow.

My hat is off to John for wonderful nature photography. You can catch more of John Davis’ work on his Instagram account at @jozoqo_photo

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