A Prettier Plover

Black-bellied Plover (Pluvialis squatarola) Photo David Hauer

A Black-bellied Plover showed up when I checked the Schoolhouse Creek mudflats on October 1 (“Long Time No See, Oct. 1 2021), but every time I scanned that area since that day, this bird seemed absent, and I concluded the plover was over. But weeks later, photographer David Hauer finds another one. I’m pretty sure it’s a different individual. This one has sharper checked markings and the white eyebrow is shorter and tighter around the eye than the October 1 bird. From a purely human standpoint, this one is prettier. It’s always a delight to see one, if only to be reminded how amazing their migration is. For us humans, flying a couple of thousand miles takes a world of preparation. Not only do we have to prepare ourselves but a big mass of people in many countries have to build and supply an airplane and airports and all that goes with them. Not for the plover or any other little bird that breeds up in or near the Arctic. It just spreads its wings and off it goes. If there is reincarnation I wouldn’t mind coming back as one of these little feathered wizards.

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