A Painter’s Owl

Watercolor by Linda Morris

I met the artist Linda Morris at the park last week, and she shared that she had done a watercolor of a Burrowing Owl, based on a bird she saw in the park years ago. Here it is. Linda writes:

I’ve been a life-long birder, an interest that began back home in Iowa when my grandmother showed me my first Cedar Waxwing. I’m a retired professor who specialized in American humor studies and Mark Twain.  I took up watercolor painting only after I retired.  I’m a student of Kay Russell. I also sing in the Berkeley Chorus and Orchestra under the direction of Ming Luke. I walk at Chavez Park at least once a week with a friend I’ve known for 60 years, and we always keep our eyes out for the birds.  We did see a Burrowing Owl this morning on the rocks on the north side of the park.

Unfortunately Linda didn’t have her camera to snap that northside owl. I had passed there, looking, at about 8 a.m.; Linda walked by an hour and a half later, and there was the bird. I’m asking all park visitors to please text or call me at 510-717-2414 if they see an owl, and by all means, take a picture with whatever photo device you’ve got on you at the moment. Keeping track of the owls is important!

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