A Lark in Midafternoon

Most other birds fled the mid-afternoon heat today, especially on the broad and weedy lawn in the center of Cesar Chavez Park.  These birds stood out.  Larger than sparrows, though with similar feeding habits, they made life hard for this photographer by staying between me and the sun, so that I could only get backlighted images.  The more I advanced, the further they fled into the sun.  Finally I managed to outflank one of them and get a bright view of the prize: the birds’ spectacular yellow breast with that unique contrasting V-shaped collar.  My view only lasted seconds.  Stingy with its beauty, the bird flew off after affording me just a quick peek.

I’ve seen Western Meadowlarks twice before in the park.  Once in November 2016, and then a young bird in December 2017.  In that most recent post, I pulled in the “Cool Facts” about Western Meadowlarks from the Cornell bird lab website.  Today was the first time I was privileged to see an adult bird in front view, or partial front view.

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