A Gulp of Cormorants

According to the books, gulp is the favored term for a group of cormorants.  I went gulp when I saw them from a distance.  About a dozen of them, looking like water snakes, working as a team, diving and surfacing yards ahead, moving south along the east coast of the park, then east along the Virginia Street extension, then north again along the east shore.  Very planful, systematic, thorough.  I would not have wanted to be a cormorant snack in the water along the route of this hungry gang.  I’ve seen cormorants assemble in numbers, but just for sociability, not on an organized hunt like this one.  Very impressive.  I didn’t suspect that they had this cooperative capability.

These were the Double-crested variety.  Meanwhile a solo Pelagic Cormorant cruised closer to shore and ignored the gulp.


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