A great place to film

Wednesday morning after the big rain the Bay displayed itself with maximum clarity, and the rising sun lit up a low layer of clouds  for a dramatic top margin.  Here’s a bridge-to bridge panorama taken during the brief moment when the sun was still low enough to light up the city under the cloud blanket. A few minutes later the city was in shadow.

Such beauty attracted talent from far away.  I saw a duo armed with a very serious video camera on a tripod setting up on the kite lawn.  I ambled over and introduced myself.  They were Fred Cook with Stan Taylor behind the lens.  Fred is president of Schaefer Marine in New Bedford MA, near Boston.  They sell boom furlers, jib furlers, tuff luff, battslide, and other products for boaters, and their web site likes to use YouTube videos.  Stan the cameraman is from Santa Barbara.  Fred explained that they like to show the natural settings where their customers operate.  What better staging point for a boater’s view of the Bay than Cesar Chavez Park?

P1040532 (Small)

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