A Cure for Lost and Injured Dogs

Lost dogs, like the one in this poster that an owner put up in the park this week (photo below), are an all too common occurrence at the Marina.  And so are injuries from foxtails that are found abundantly all over the park this year, due to the strong rainy season we’ve had.  Lost and injured dogs are a heartache for the owner, a trauma for the animal, and frequently a considerable expense.  There is an effective cure for both of these harms.  It is inexpensive, readily available at pet stores and other outlets, safe, and guaranteed 100 per cent effective so long as the owner is paying attention.  It is the leash.  Always keep your dog on a leash, even if others are running loose.  Keep your dog on a leash even where running loose is allowed but there is no fence.  Always keep your dog on a leash and the leash in your hand and you will never have the heartache of a lost or injured pet.  Using the leash is the mark of a responsible dog owner.


LEASH (Custom)

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