1800 and Growing

The chill seaside gale almost blew the Conservancy kiosk away Sunday afternoon, so we decided to shut it down after two hours. But that was enough time to gather 50 more signatures on paper. Meanwhile the online signature tally topped the 1000 mark, and we ended the day with more than 1800 signatures total.

The first signatures to the online petition date from July 15, so it took just one month to get to 1000, for an average of just over 32 signatures a day. We started gathering signatures from the Chavez Park Conservancy kiosk in the park on July 23. Volunteers staffed the table again on July 24 and then on August 6-7 and this past weekend Aug. 13-14. In those six table outings, we collected 806 additional signatures. This number includes approximately 50 signatures that volunteers collected in Berkeley outside the park. Counting only the signatures taken at the kiosk table, we collected an average of 125 signatures each four-hour afternoon outing, or a shade over 30 signatures per hour, or one every two minutes, on average.

The new goal of 2,000 signatures appears within reach. The Conservancy will have a booth at the Solano Stroll on September 11, and will probably collect a good number of additional signatures there. Quite possibly we can reach 2,500 signatures before the turn-in date of September 12. If volunteers step forward to gather signatures at places like REI and Berkeley Bowl, a higher number looks achievable. If you can volunteer, please email info@chavezpark.org.

Conservancy volunteer Susan Black holds on to kiosk to keep it from blowing away in the stiff breeze, afternoon of August 14.

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One thought on “1800 and Growing

  • who can i email who knows where each council member stands on Chavez Park , a clear statement from each council member? They think they have the votes on the council to push the plan through if they go fast and follow the plan outline pick parts of their plan oh well just do this and this and let you vote on line over which corner youd like to keep. Ask the birds. the Audubon Society is interested in our bird refuge . We need signatures and bodies in person at berkeley city Council meetings. Covid is no excuse now for no in person meetings. Baseball is open, theater is open. This is an important meaningful action and the Council isnt taking some zoom vote and then going in and sawing up our park and pouring concrete and asphalt all over the ground. How could they suggest this! The University decided no parks and they chopped down the trees in People’s Park but we might just keep the park without the trees of course. The Berkeley backed with police. Berkeley the Council not the signatures seem into development big boxes They probably want to build huge bldgs before the water comes up? The fight to enjoy this area has been long and dedicated and the Berkeley Council has been on the wrong side of it’s being as it is , on the wrong side of development and Bay fill. i am so excited to imagine a day soon when this Park is settled McLaughlin Shoreline State Park that is the park Chave Park is in. Sylvia McLaughlin would be mystified to think someone was excluding Chavez Park from Save the Bay! She loved having the birds . We need to be kind to the birds and the whole 90 acres will be fine as is. We could use compost toilets? Like Marin County Offices

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