Who Were They? (Names on the Bench)

P1000445 P1000446 P1000448 P1000449 P1000450 P1000451 P1000452 P1000453 P1000454 P1000455 P1000456 P1000457 P1000458 P1000459Many of the park’s benches bear little plaques in memory of someone.  Here is a selection of these bench plaques. (I couldn’t photograph all of them the same day because people were sitting on the benches looking very comfortable.)  Do you know any of the people named here?  If so, won’t you post something about their lives and about how they related to the park?

For Google indexing purposes, the names in these photos are:

  • David Springer
  • Helen Springer
  • Stephen Lee Taller
  • Anne Sussman
  • Ray Vaskas
  • David Michael Rolland
  • Joan B. Roth and Paul A. Roth
  • John and Toni
  • Hannah Schild
  • Manfred Schild
  • Millie Roushdi
  • Linda Arizona Kinsolving
  • Leonard Leff
  • Stephanie Louise Wilson
  • Junko Hosoda
  • Alan Goldfarb
  • Frank “Gil” Clark




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